Saturday, June 5, 2010

there are times when i regret not being able to write poems. i wish God had granted me with this one wish if not anything else.
i love poetry and i love reading poems-provided that i'm able to understand it,of course.i absolutely admire those who can express every emotion by weaving in simple words. i'm amazed every time i come across a simple yet highly expressive line...and i'm filled with awe,regret and envy. :(
i did try my hand at poetry once,but the outcome was too embarrassing and juvenile to be put up for public display.
conventionally,people who are artistically inclined have the ability of painting beautiful pictures with simple words.although i'm not even halfway through this mind boggling and utterly confusing process of self discovery,i've always believed myself to be more oriented towards arts than science.alright,lets not raise eyebrows here,for i KNOW i've opted for science subjects,but my first love will always be literature. as a result,i did secretly hope that one day i might just accidentally come across the hidden poet in me.
but alas..that was never meant to be..for i still have to struggle for words everytime i experience something that sweeps me off my feet.
this shall always be one regret in my life..and i believe i have to make do with admiring and envying all those lucky folks who get supreme satisfaction out of expressing their feelings through their beautifully woven words.
kudos,to all you poets out there.