Sunday, May 10, 2009

I went to meet dadubhai at his place that day.All along the way,i was pretty much normal,but just before entering his room...i dont know why,i said a quick prayer to myself...asking God for strength.However,what I saw inside was far worse than what I had imagined.Due to old age,his heart has weakened,and the oxygen carrying capacity of his blood has lessened.As a result,his responses arent working properly.He cant speak,he cant walk,he cant move...all he could do when I went in,was look at me.I dont know if he could recognize me,but it was traumatic to see what remained of him.I couldnt understand what his eyes said...for they didnt say much.They were completely blank.
And this time,prayers wont work.For there is no hope.And when there isnt any,what can one pray for? A miracle? But how long would that last?
When i got back home,the irony of the situation struck me hard.My dadubhai was a lawyer.A man of a thousand words.Today,words fail to escape him.
Life is strange,indeed.

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