Sunday, October 25, 2009


just a random thought which struck me.

okay.suppose there is a certain something which you value a lot.more than anything or would give or take lives to protect that something.but then one day,situations force you to give it cry,plead and pray so that you dont have to give it up.but well,you dont seem to have any other choice.
and ultimately,when you do gather up the courage to give it up,you get to know that you dont really have to.things can be normal even if you dont give it up.thus,you are left with no choice but to embrace it again,and even if you do embrace it,you realize that somewhere down the line,the fierce passion to keep it as your possession is fading care for it,but not as would cry plead and pray if you ever have to give it up again,but you would also know how to let go of would know that when once you have had the courage to give up what you want the most,you'd have the courage to give it up again-if ever the need arises.and i guess thats what is known as strength.having the courage to give up what you want...more than anything or anybody.

a very very random might just confuse you. :)


  1. it's amazing how mature you've become in such little time.let me tell you that what you've realised,is something that'll help you in life forever.

  2. thank you.i didnt put it nicely,i suppose.just a crude form of what i felt.

  3. No matter how random it was, it surely was thoughtful. The write shows budding signs of maturity.