Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just finished with the last history exam of my life.History is finally HISTORY!

But its not really a happy day today.One of my aunts in Delhi succumbed to cancer.She was in a critical state for quite a few days,and the doctors had said that there was no hope.
And although they say that there is no hope,deep down inside,a small voice prays for a miracle. A miracle that could save somebody's life.A somebody who is someone's wife,someone's sister,someone's mother.
Its probably a good thing she went away the way she did,for it saved her a lot of pain.But,inspite of all the tubes and treatments,she was alive.That small fact that she was alive gave people the tiny hope that maybe,somehow,someday,she'll be okay.And now when that hopes gone,I can imagine the void that has been created.
Most of all, I'm filled with an overwhelming sorrow for my cousin who's just a few years older than me.I can't imagine how it must have felt to wake up every morning and wonder whether your mum is going to make through the day.I have no idea how she went through all that,but I respect her and admire her because she did.
I truely do not know what else to write,because this is one of those helpless situations when you just don't know how to react.
I hope and wish that wherever my jethi is,she is at peace.

( 23rd March 2009)


  1. really nice blog.and a beautiful warm style of writing...keep it up :)

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