Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today,one of my friends helped a blind man get onto a bus.Nothing that would makee headlines of course,but definitely something most of us would rather not do.

Growing up in a city where more than half the population are below the poverty line,it has been a common sight to me to see ragged people stranded on the pavements.As a child,the feeling to help them out was quite intense,but somewhere along the process of growing up,that feeling got buried under a variety of other emotions.They became a part of Calcutta,and like many others,I too,accepted it the way it was.

There has been a number of times when these ragged souls have tugged at my sleeves and asked for help.And although deep down inside,we all want to help,but due to some unfathomable reason,we choose to turn away;pretending that they do not exist.

Today,this blind old man was standing on one such pavement and asking passers by to help him get onto a bus.And like always,most of the people walked by...pretending he wasn't there...pretending not to hear his pleas of help. But this friend of mine walked straight to him and led him to the correct bus. My friend said,"It was a lovely feeling,seeing his smile and getting his blessings."

And isn't that what all this is about? Getting these simple pleasures from helping the needy,and knowing that you've done a good deed?
It made me realize how selfish i truely am.Frankly,I would never have done what my friend has done today.

I salute my friend today for what he has done.It takes a lot of courage,really.

( 16th March 2009)